What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of being that is characterized by focused attention, enhanced suggestibility, and increased imagination. The average person enters a state of hypnosis 3 times on a normal day, so this phenomenon is actually more familiar than you may have realized. Everyone’s experience in hypnosis is a little different, but what is found consistently is that while in hypnosis, people have a stronger connection to and influence over the subconscious part of their mind. By using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, we engage the subconscious mind and harness the transformative power of this deepest part of ourselves. 

Is hypnosis safe?

When under the direction of a certified professional, YES! I attended the only nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. HMI’s diploma program consists of over 500 hours of instruction and 300 hours of clinically supervised practice. I am also certified through the Hypnotherapists’ Union Local 472, a union lead by America’s top hypnotherapists which only admits those with proper credentials. You can trust and feel good about working with me. 

As mentioned earlier, hypnosis is a common and natural state. While in hypnosis, you will be able to hear, speak, and move at your own will. You cannot be forced to do anything that is against your ethics or to reveal private information, cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis, and you will not be “under control” of anyone other than yourself, with my guidance tailored to your goals. 

Some people experience amnesia while in hypnosis; you may not remember all the suggestions that you heard upon returning to the normal conscious state. For this reason, and so you can continue to experience the benefits of your session on your own time, all sessions are audio recorded. You will receive a high-quality copy of the recording after every session. 

Is hypnotherapy effective?

Yes! Most clients see a noticeable change after their first session, and many complete their treatment in between 3 and 5 sessions. Of course, this varies on a case-by-case basis, depending on your needs and goals. 

It is worth noting that hypnosis isn’t “magic”, and the results depend on the client’s own dedication to their treatment. Hypnotic response is a skill that can take practice to develop, and it is strongly recommended that you revisit the audio recording of your session daily to see the best results. 

What can hypnotherapy help with?

SO MANY THINGS! Anesthesia, anxiety, changing habits, childbirth, confidence, creativity, depression, fears, forgiveness, grief, healing, improving health, insomnia, intuition, motivation, pain management, past life regression, phobias, quitting smoking, reaching goals, relationships, relaxation, self-esteem, stress reduction, surgery, transitioning, weight loss- are all common reasons people seek the help of a hypnotherapist. If you are still unsure if or how hypnotherapy can help you, call, text, or email me (Palm) for a free consultation.

I’m still skeptical, what if I don’t want to be hypnotized?

That’s okay! Hypnotherapy might not be the best route for everyone, and I only work with those who are interested in using hypnosis to achieve their goals. For talk therapy and counseling, check out Emily J. Nappi MFT.

How do I make an appointment for hypnotherapy?

Appointments can be made using the button below. A brief consultation will take place before confirming your first appointment. All new clients must complete a waiver. Please specify if you are interested in either in-office or remote sessions. 

How does payment work?

Palm accepts cash, credit, Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, or Zelle. Payment is due on or before the day of services. Sliding scale options are available to anyone; please reach out or visit the Pay tab for more information. 

Will I need a referral?

In certain cases, a referral will be necessary; presenting issues that have known or possible medical etiologies, weight loss over 25lbs, and known or possible psychological disorders all require referral by your General Practitioner, specialist, or licensed psychotherapist. Getting a referral is easy; simply provide the name and contact information of the appropriate licensed physician or therapist, and I will do the rest. Please reach out with further questions regarding referrals.

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