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At this time, payments can be submitted through the following portals:

VENMO: @calmpalmhypnosis @EmilyJNappi

CASHAPP: $calmpalmnola $EmilyJnappi



You can also pay in cash or by card for in-office appointments

Sliding Scale Payments

Accessibility is a priority at Calm Palm. While each service has a suggested price, you are encouraged to pay what is affordable based on your personal situation. Here is a guide to help you determine what pricing is most appropriate

100%-80% of suggested price- you are secure in your housing, food, healthcare, and other essential expenses, with surplus funds at the end of each month. You can regularly grow your savings, make non-essential purchases, or invest.

50%-79% suggested price- you are secure in housing, food, healthcare, and other essential expenses, but do not have surplus funds after covering these expenses. Things like saving or non-essential purchases happen infrequently.

20%-49% suggested price- you find it difficult to cover all monthly essential expenses without assistance. 

As mentioned, this is only a guide, and you are encouraged to determine a fair and accessible price for any services. During your initial consultation, a session fee will be agreed upon by you and your practitioner and submitted with your waiver.

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